Shandong Innovation Group is a premium company in the metal technology industry and is located in the National Economic and Technology Development Zone of Zouping, Shandong. As one of the largest producers of aluminum alloy materials, the Shandong Innovation Group currently consists of over 10 industrial parks respectively subsidiaries.

With the signed contracts with Shandong Innovation, Shandong Chuang Yuan and Yunnan Innovation Alloy for the supply of the engineering, combustion and control system for 27 rectangular tilting melting furnaces of 70 tons capacity, a promising cooperation between Shandong Innovation Group and Gautschi started with the aim to build up a prosperous business relationship for the future.

Based on decades of experience, business requirements and performance evaluation, equipment selection has been carefully made for optimal performance, excellent usability, appropriate quality, and reliability. The equipment design, all manufacturing and engineering standards as well as the performance characteristics of the furnaces rely on the recognized and approved Gautschi® technology, experience, quality standards and evaluation of processes in melting and holding.