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Since 1922 Gautschi is the most innovative full solution provider for casthouses

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… has been an innovative supplier of equipment to the aluminum industry for more than 100 years.

Drawing on extensive experience gained in the aluminum industry world-wide, Gautschi Engineering of Ranshofen, Austria, offers thoroughly-developed and proven products ranging from individual items of equipment to complete casthouses. Melting, casting and homogenization, all from one supplier: Gautschi.

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Where to find us


Gautschi Location in Austria


Gautschi Engineering GmbH
Schlossstrasse 32, 5282 Ranshofen, Austria

Gautschi Location in China


Gautschi Industrial Equipment
(Suzhou) Co., Ltd.
Beijing East Road 82, 215400 Taicang, Jiangsu, China

Gautschi North America

North America

Gautschi North America LLC.
224 Quadral Drive, Wadsworth / Ohio, USA

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We work as a united team with leading service providers around the world, ensuring our clients receive the highest possible quality of advice.

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We are looking for talented, motivated individuals who want to become part of a growing company and a winning team.

Gautschi belongs to a medium-sized group of family-owned companies, the EBNER GROUP. Customers range from well-known aluminum manufacturing groups operating worldwide to smaller, privately-owned businesses.

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Gautschi caeers
1922–2022: A century of excellence

Our Company History

From its humble beginnings in 1922, when it was founded as “Caloriewerke Gautschi & Brand” by Rudolf Gautschi in Singen, Germany, Gautschi has evolved into a global leader in industrial furnace technology and engineering solutions.

Gautschi Standort Singen, Schweiz

Gautschi, HPI and C-R-C

A new future for casting technology in Ranshofen, Austria.

For almost 100 years, Gautschi Engineering GmbH has been a driving force in raising casthouse equipment technologies to new levels. HPI – High Performance Industrietechnik GmbH specializes in the horizontal continuous casting of light metals, and in recent years the company has demonstrated its pioneering role through continuous development.

With the establishment of a state-of-the-art technology center in Ranshofen, Austria, the two companies have taken another step forward in extending their technological lead: The Casthouse (R)Evolution Center (C-R-C) in Ranshofen, Austria is a full-scale industrial foundry, offering a horizontal casting facility operated by HPI and a vertical casting facility operated by Gautschi. 

Jobs at Gautschi, C-R-C and HPI

Gautschi, C-R-C and HPI are proud member of the EBNER GROUP