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A century of excellence

Our Company Journey

From its humble beginnings in 1922 as “Caloriewerke Gautschi & Brand” in Singen, Germany, Gautschi has evolved into a global leader in industrial furnace technology and engineering solutions. 

Rudolf Gautschi founds “Caloriewerke Gautschi & Brand” in Singen, Germany. Manufacture of small-sized furnaces for various applications.

Gautschi Standort Singen, Schweiz

Company moves to Schaffhausen, Switzerland.

Final move to Tägerwilen, Switzerland as “Gautschi Electro-Fours SA.”

Rudolf Gautschi retires at the age of 80; company sold to RUHRGAS AG of Germany.

Rudolf Gautschi, Gautschi Gründer

KHD Humboldt Wedag AG acquires Gautschi Electro Fours SA. Engineering, manufacture and assembly of turn-key casthouse equipment for the primary and secondary aluminum industries.

Development of a regenerative combustion system (Gautschi VAREGA®), specially designed for use in aluminum melting furnaces.

Merger with the German-based MAERZ Furnace Company, forming “Maerz-Gautschi” under the umbrella of the RHI Engineering Group.

DBAG acquires all RHI Group companies. Establishment of “HTE” as the new group holding company.

Major Innovations
  • First installation of a newly-developed regenerative burner system (VAREGA) for high-capacity round top charged remelt furnaces.
  • Realization of a new pusher-type furnace design for high efficiency.
  • New developments for shaft furnaces.
  • Realization of a complete remelt casthouse.
  • HDC with robot stacking.

Gautschi™ purchases all relevant patent and trademark rights surrounding Airsol Veil®and Airglide®billet mold technology from Hydro Aluminum.

This technology goes back to 1991, when VAW and Gautschi™ began to cooperate in the joint development of a new mold control system. Since then their combined publications, together with an ongoing and intensive exchange of know-how with regard to performance improvements, developments and applications, has resulted in the development of the Airglide®mold system.

Establishment of a Beijing-based subsidiary in the People’s Republic of China.

Separation from MAERZ. Change of company name to Gautschi Engineering GmbH.

Acquisition of Gautschi Engineering GmbH by Swiss-based EED Holding AG of the EBNER GROUP

Gautschi Industrial Equipment (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., China joins us.

Gautschi North America LLC joins us.

Start of construction CRC Casthouse (R)Evolution Center.

Gautschi introduces the new Compact Coil Furnace (CCF), which provides astonishing savings in energy consumption. 

Compact Coil Furnace

Relocation of Gautschi to Austria and start of activities at the Casthouse (R)Evolution Center.

Gautschi introduces a new generation of slab molds.

Gautschi slab mold

Gautschi celebrates 100-years.