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1922 Rudolf Gautschi established „Caloriewerke Gautschi & Brand“ at Singen/Germany. Production of small sized Furnaces for various Applications.
1935 The Company moved to Schaffhausen/Switzerland.
1948 Final Move to Tägerwilen/Switzerland as „Gautschi Electro-Fours SA“.
1969 Rudolf Gautschi retires 80 years old.
The company was sold to the German RUHRGAS AG.
1984 KHD Humboldt Wedag AG aquired Gautschi Electro Fours SA. Engineering, Manufacturing, Assembly of turn-key Cast House Equipment for Primary and Secundary Aluminium Industry.
1998 Merger with the German based MAERZ Furnace Company to „Maerz-Gautschi“ under the Roof of the RHI Engineering Group
2002 DBAG aquired all RHI Group Companies. Establishment of „HTE“ as a new Group Holding Company.
Major Innovations
First Installation of a new developped Regenerative Burner System (VAREGA) for high Capacity Round Top charged Remelt Furnaces.
Realisation of a new Pusher Type Furnace Proposal for high Efficiency.
New Developments for Shaft Furnaces.
Realisation of a complete Remelt Cast House.
HDC with Robot Stacking.
2005 Gautschi™ purchased all relevant patents and trademark rights from Hydro Aluminium concerning the Airsol Veil® and Airglide® billet mould technology.
This goes back to 1991, when VAW and Gautschi™ set up a cooperation for the joint development of a new mould control system. Since then, combined publications together with an ongoing intensive know how exchange with regard to performance improvements as well as developments and applications has resulted in the development of the Airglide® mould system.
2005 Establishment of a Beijing based subsidiary in the Peoples Republic of China.
2008 Separation from MAERZ. Change of company name to Gautschi Engineering GmbH.
2010 Acquisition of Gautschi Engineering GmbH by the Swiss based EED Holding AG

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