Pacific Precision Forging, China awards new Casting Line to HPI and Gautschi

October 1st, 2021

Pacific Precision Forging (PPF), one of the leading enterprises in the CCMI (Confederation of Chinese Metalforming Industry), has mastered advanced core technologies for gear precision forming tooling design, development and manufacturing. As a global leading supplier of precision forging gears, PPF adopts cold, warm and hot precision forging technologies to professionally manufacture automotive gears. PPF has won the VW Group Award 2020 and the GKN Global Competitiveness Award 2021.

Against a backdrop of expanding its aluminum alloy forging capacities, PPF has decided to invest in its own aluminum foundry to produce high quality forging billets needed for downstream aluminum alloy forging processes.

HPI, as the market leader in horizontal casting equipment for forging billets, and Gautschi, with its high reputation for efficient and reliable liquid metal furnaces, were able to offer an attractive solution to PPF that covered the design, engineering, manufacturing, supply, installation supervision, commissioning, testing and training on new equipment.

The equipment included a next-generation horizontal casting machine type 3000, two stationary rectangular melting furnaces with 20 t of capacity and one tilting rectangular casting furnace with 23 t of capacity. All furnaces will be supplied with Gautschi burner technology, in which a highlight is the newest generation of Gautschi regenerative burners for the two melting furnaces. The entire system is scheduled to go into operation at the beginning of 2023.

The facilities and equipment have been selected and designed for excellent operability, quality and reliability (efficiency, speed, quality & cost), incorporating all requirements for casting workshop safety, explosion risk management and advanced automation.

Pacific Precision Forging