For ingots, billets and slabs, for all alloy types

Casting Machines

We are a leading supplier of casting equipment for aluminum. Our casting machines are known for their precise, robust designs and high level of automation. Around the world, the Gautschi family of casting machines is used to produce high-quality rolling slab, extrusion billets, forging stock.

Vertical D.C. Casting Machines for Extrusion Billets and Rolling Slabs

  • Internally-guided casting cylinder
  • Airglide® mold system for billets
  • Gautschi slab mold
  • Capacity ranging from 5 to 150 t drop weight
  • Tilt frame and drive carriage designs available
  • Produces top quality billet and slab for all alloy types, especially 2xxx, 6xxx and 7xxx
  • Less cracking with alloy 7150, compared to competitors
  • Controlled, low butt curl, no butt swell, very low crack rate

Ingot Casting Machine and
Stacking Lines

  • For smelter grade and foundry alloys
  • Proven cCasting technology
  • Ingot weight 6 to 25 kg
  • Up to 22 t/h capacity
  • Robotic ingot stacking
  • Fully automatic integrated packing line, with weighing, strapping, labelling, marking, colour coding