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Casting Machines

"meeting the challenges of today"

Gautschi is a leading supplier of casting equipment for aluminium. The casting machines are known for their accurate and robust design and high automation level. With the Gautschi family of casting machine high quality of rolling slab, extrusion billet, forging stock and foundry ingots are produced around the globe.

Your contact
Ralf Lüngen, Head of Division - Casting Machines

Product Overview

Ingot casting machine for smelter grade - and foundry alloys

  • ingot weight 6 to 23 kgs
  • up to 28 t/h capacity
  • robotic stacking
  • integrated automatic packing line, withweighing, strapping, labelling, marking, colour coding

Vertical D.C. Casting Machines for extrusion billets and rolling slab

  • internally guided casting cylinder
  • owner of Air Glide® mould system
  • capacity range from 5 to 130 metric tonne drop weight
  • tilt frame and drive carriage designs available

Horizontal D.C. Casting Plants for extrusion billets, forging stock and foundry ingots.

  • high versatility: the same plant can be used billets and foundry ingots
  • integrated flying-saw with chip extraction
  • robotic ingot stacking
  • low investment - and foundation cost

Gautschi Smart Caster for small diameter extrusion billets and forging stock

  • short lead time due to standard design
  • very low investment cost
  • single – and dual strand operation
  • diameter range 50 to 152 mm

State-of -the-art robotic stacking for foundry ingots. Both, Gautschi Horizontal D.C. and Ingot Casting and Stacking Machines are equipped with stacking robots.

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