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Heat Treatment Plants

Research, development and long standing experience have made Gautschi one of the leading suppliers of Heat Treatment Plants. Modern technology, state-of-the-art design, competent manufacturing and installation, as well as effective commissioning, ensure fulfilment of relevant metallurgical requirements. PLC Control Systems and Industrial Computers facilitate the operation of the Heat Treatment Plants and make a fully automatic production possible.

Your contact
Rainer Ehmann, Head of Division - Heat Treatment Furnaces

Product Overview

Pusher Type Furnaces

(References up to 810 t furnace load)

  • Tailor-made handling equipment
  • Highly efficient self-recuperative burners
  • Sophisticated nozzle system for good temperature uniformity and short heat-up times
  • Patented sliding shoe system ensures smooth slab transport
  • Low energy consumption
  • Effective cooling system for homogenizing process

Soaking Pit Furnaces

(References up to 470 t furnace load)

  • Flexible charging for variety of slab dimensions
  • Highly efficient self-recuperative burners
  • Strong and spring-loaded supporting structure
  • Separately controlled individual furnace zones

Single Coil Furnaces

(unrestricted flexible annealing concept)

  • Protective-gas annealing
  • High heat-transfer nozzle system
  • Self-locking door system
  • Self-recuperative burners

Chamber Furnaces

(for strip and foil Coils, billets and slabs)

  • Protective-gas annealing
  • High heat-transfer nozzle system
  • Self-recuperative burners
  • Homogenizing for billets and slabs
  • With full automatic charging machines

Continuous Homogenizing Plants for extrusion billets

(Including downstream equipment as ultrasonic inspection, saw, stacking device, weighing, etc.)

  • Layout adapted to customer requirements
  • Reliable handling equipment
  • Highly efficient heat transfer
  • temperature uniformity
  • Low energy consumption

In its Heat Treatment Furnaces Gautschi incorporates high efficient recuperative burners with minimized heat losses to the benefit of the environment and the customer.

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