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Liquid Metal Furnaces

Gautschi has more then 90 years of experience in the design of melting and holding furnaces for light metal which, owing to their robust construction and modern technologies, are in service all over the world. More than 500 furnaces, in the range of 500 kg - 140 t liquid metal capacity, have been installed up to date.

Your contact
Izzet Toksöz, Head of Division - Liquid Metal Furnaces

Product Overview

Round, Top Charged Melting Furnaces

(up to 140 t metal capacity - melting rates up to 40 t/h)

  • stationary or tilting type
  • with swing or traveling roofs
  • air cooled furnace cover structure
  • dry cleaning door frame design

REDMAX Series Melting and Holding Furnaces

(5 t - 32 t metal capacity)

  • short lead time due to standard design

Rectangular and oval shaped Melting and Holding Furnaces

(30 t to 140 t metal capacity)

  • fixed hearth or tilting type
  • single or multiple door, available over full furnace width

Gautschi Burner Systems

(100 kW to 9'000 kW)

  • cold air, hot air, regenerative for NG, light fuel oil, heavy oil

Gautschi specializes in the supply of high performance Melting and Holding Furnaces optimized for the use in the harsh environment of an Aluminium Cast House, energy consumption and to meet environmental requirements.

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